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“Finally!” was our daughter’s response when she learned of my plans to return to school for my Master of Library Science degree.

As a lifelong learner, I have an enthusiastic appreciation for people, information, service, and hard work. This makes me well suited for a future as a librarian.

My experiences as student, teacher, library patron, library volunteer, and school library substitute have fostered my desire to pursue school librarianship. It is in this context that my undergraduate education degree and teaching experiences, as well as my rich life experiences, will be put to best use.

I’m venturing into the blogging world for two reasons.  (Spoiler: It is NOT because there is a shortage of blogs):

  1. I want to know how a blog works.  So… I will be learning something new.
  2. I love to share about books!  So… until I am in a library, this will be my primary platform.

Thanks for reading!

Gienah pic March 2016Your Fearless First-time Blogger,


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