Red thread

The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup and a Spool of Thread by Kate DiCamillo introduces unlikely villains and an unlikely hero.  Kate DiCamillo has woven an intricate tale about the complex life within a castle.

Between the walls of this castle, dear reader, lives the king and his daughter.  And then there are their servants.  Within the actual walls of this castle live the mice.  And deep down in the dungeon live – the others.  This story explains how all of these separate worlds come to interact and affect one another, beginning with a bowl of soup.

The story is not a pretty one.  There is violence in it.  And cruelty. But stories that are not pretty have a certain value, too, I suppose.  Everything, as you well know (having lived in this world long enough to have figured out a thing or two for yourself), cannot always be sweetness and light.

Tragedies happen.  Both darkness and light exist.  Family relationships are not always pretty.  One person’s wishes can bring harm to others.  We can change some things about ourselves, but not others.  We do things we regret.  Bitterness grows when fed.  Inspiration can come from unusual places.  Second chances are a gift for both giver and receiver.

Forgiveness, reader, is, I think, something very much like hope and love – a powerful, wonderful thing.
And a ridiculous thing, too.

There is hope, love, and forgiveness all wrapped up in a powerful, wonderful, ridiculous story.  Enjoy.



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