Theatre Masks

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village by Laura Amy Schlitz is a collection of plays, each for one or two children, set in medieval times.

The story behind the book is critical for appreciating it.  An elementary school librarian went in search of appropriate materials for 5th grade children studying the medieval period.  Period roles and speech, with significant parts for all was desired.  The librarian found that suitable resources did not exist.  So she created this collection.

Each play, written in verse, features one or two characters who reveal their lives and personalities through short dramas.  Each character is a child from a medieval village and each play contributes to the audience’s understanding of the village dynamics.

So, in addition to gaining glimpses into medieval life, the reader is reminded of the creativity and resourcefulness of educators dedicated to providing interesting learning experiences for the children under their influence.  Bravo.


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