Stone wall

Crispin, Cross of Lead by Avi is the fictional tale of 13 year old Crispin’s struggle with his low station and injustice in 1377.  Living in England, Crispin barely survives on the hard end of the wealth spectrum.  As if that is not enough, he becomes orphaned and is falsely accused, leaving him alone, pursued, and afraid.

After slipping inside the tiny hiding space, I closed myself in, welcoming the darkness as the only safe companion to my despair.

The concept of freedom is explored – an idea Crispin is initially not even able to comprehend.  He begins learning there are different ways to be free, and freedom, though precious, is not the only worthwhile pursuit.

An unlikely teacher has many things to share with Crispin.

“A wise man—he was a jester by trade—once told me that living by answers is a form of death. It’s only questions that keep you living.

Crispin has questions – about his past and his future.  Who can he trust?  He discovers those in servitude can not only ask questions, they also have the power to make choices.  How will this hunted orphan choose to respond when faced with a new master, powerful enemies, choices and twists?  How will he find answers to his questions?  And what will he come to value most?

FYI this is the first book in a trilogy.  So if you enjoy it you can read on with Crispin: At the Edge of the World and Crispin: The End of Time.



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