Antique Globe

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field has been delighting people for a LONG time.  Hitty, a mountain-ash doll, writes her memoirs in an antique shop with a quill pen, and the life leading to that shop is far from mundane.  This is the account of her trials and travels through the 1800s, providing a glimpse of a world much different than today’s.

Though the story is about a doll, it is not a story just for girls.  In her first hundred years, she unexpectedly encounters ships and storms, cobras and monkeys, birds and brothers; she lives in multiple countries and states.  She is used and enjoyed by many but truly possessed by nobody as she seems to unintentionally attract adventure.

I love her attitude throughout.  At one point, in a distant land, when pressed into unpleasant service, Hitty remarks:

I cannot say it is a stage of my career that I enjoy remembering, but at least I comfort myself with the thought that I did not behave in any way which would bring disgrace upon my kind.

This 1930 Newbery Medal winner makes a great family or class read aloud.  I suggest you get a globe and sit down to enjoy Hitty’s unintended exploits. Then, perhaps you will pick up your pen and speculate about her next hundred years.


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